Mallards Landing Lot 7

The project consists of  3 stories of assisted living over 1 daylight basement level of memory care. The building will be licensed for assisted living services by the Washington State Department of Health. The building is approximately 95,100 square feet, containing 71 dwelling units & 12 sleeping units, for a total of 83 units, 95 beds.The building also contains all necessary services, support, & amenity spaces. The building will be of type V-A construction & contain a full NFPA 13 sprinkler system.

The site consists of 4.41 acres & is currently undeveloped. The site contains a small Category IV wetland under GHMC 18.08.040. A Wetland Delineation & Habitat Assessment Report was submitted & accepted in July 2015 & confirmed to be valid for future development in a letter dated September 18, 2015.

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