Tree Permits

Gig Harbor Bay with sailboats and trees

The City of Gig Harbor values its urban forestry resources and has a number of regulations to guide and protect the management, removal, and replacement of trees. In 2023, the City began development of its first Urban Forestry Management Plan, which will guide investment and implementation of tree and urban forestry-related activities over the next ten years.

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Trees provide aesthetic, ecological, and social benefits to the City, which are recognized through strategic management and regulations. Gig Harbor Municipal Code (GHMC) Chapter 17.78 regulates trees, landscaping and screening.

General Requirements:

  • Topping is prohibited, prune trees per the ANSI A300 Standard.
  • Removal of dead, diseased, damaged, or hazardous trees is permitted upon submittal of written verification by a qualified arborist.
  • Removal of significant trees (6" diameter standard height [DSH]) or greater may require replacement per GHMC 17.99.240.E.
  • All new plantings must be of a type which will thrive with existing vegetation without killing or overtaking it. Please see the Director's Preferred Planting List for guidance. Planting in the right-of-way requires an appropriate tree per the Approved Street Tree List.
  • Planting areas with nursery stock or transplanted vegetation shall include an automatic mechanical irrigation system designed for full coverage of the planting area.
  • Blank walls shall include a planting area where feasible, to give coverage to the wall.
  • Views and vistas from public right-of-way shall be considered when determining placement of vegetation.
  • Do not clear more than 50% of significant trees from vacant parcels. All vegetation must be retained in the required buffers and setbacks.
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