Housing, Health, and Human Services Program

The housing, health and human services program handles matters related to the health and well-being of Gig Harbor residents, with an emphasis on affordable housing, public health, and behavioral health related issues (mental health and substance use disorders). The program works closely with city and county agencies and nonprofits to respond to emerging needs in the City of Gig Harbor, working alongside the Gig Harbor Police Department and Gig Harbor Fire and Medic No. 1 to address behavioral health issues.
Initiated in October 2023, the program is tasked with the development, implementation, and maintenance of affordable housing, human services, and behavioral health programs to meet community needs, as well as corresponding grant management. The program is designed to coordinate the complex interactions between housing, social, behavioral health, emergency response, law and justice, fire, and hospital services.

  1. Shealynn Smiley

    Housing, Health, and Human Services Program Manager

The housing, health, and human services program collects and maintains resource information for services available in the Gig Harbor community. Please visit our Community Resources and Information page or use the links on this page's menu.