Design Review Process

Intent Statement

"The comprehensive plan dictates that design consideration go beyond the appearance of individual buildings and address the civic fabric of the city. The standards contained in this manual are intended to identify and respect important visual patterns in Gig Harbor’s built environment and relate those to the natural backdrop of trees, hills and water."

Design Manual

The Design Manual is codified as Chapter 17.99 of the Zoning Code.

Design Review Application Requirements and Process can be found in Chapter 17.98 of the City’s Zoning Code. If a specific project or portion of a project chooses, the Design Review Board (DRB) will evaluate the project and make a recommendation. They meet at 5 p.m. on the second Thursday of each month unless otherwise posted.

Design Process 

The Design Review Process can:

  • Be a mechanism to facilitate flexibility in the application of design regulations.
  • Allow for early discussion of a project’s design.
  • Provide examples that demonstrate how projects can better fit the environment of Gig Harbor.

The  result of this increased flexibility and dialogue is the opportunity  for projects to enhance the character of Gig Harbor more effectively  than would be possible if standard zoning regulations alone were  strictly applied.