Backflow and Cross-Connection Control

Electronic Reminder Notice

The City of Gig Harbor mails out reminder notices 30 days before the annual backflow test is due. Customers can sign up to receive reminder notification via e-mail. If you would like to sign up to receive your annual backflow reminder notice via e-mail please complete the E-mail Backflow Reminder Notice form and submit to:

Backflow Reminder Notice Signup

What is a Cross Connection?

A cross connection is any physical connection between a public or consumer’s water system and any source of non-potable liquid, solid, or gas that could contaminate the potable water supply by backflow.

What is Backflow?

Backflow is the undesirable reversal of the flow of water from its intended direction in a pipeline or plumbing system. It can result from a loss of pressure in the public water system (for example, due to a large leak), which can in turn draw non-potable water from the customer’s property (irrigation system, hot tubs, boilers, fire sprinkler system) into the public water system at unprotected cross connections. Prevention of backflow at cross connections is critical to protecting public water and health.

Property Owner Responsibility

Per WAC# 246-290-490, property owners and business owners are required to install and maintain backflow prevention assemblies where needed. Backflow assemblies are required to be tested annually by a State Certified Tester.

What will happen if I do not have my Backflow Assembly Tested?

The law requires that the backflow assembly be tested annually to ensure that it is working properly and to protect public water and public health. The City of Gig Harbor will mail/ email reminder notifications about backflow assembly testing requirements to property owners and business owners annually. However, please be aware that it is the responsibility of the property and business owners to ensure that the assemblies are tested on time. If an assembly is not tested, the City of Gig Harbor will act, starting with assessing fees and leading to termination of water service. The City of Gig Harbor will work with customers to avoid termination of water service but must imperatively ensure that the public water system is protected.