Court Fees Schedule

Service Fee
Document Copying Fees
Copies - No Seal/Certification (per page)

Certification of Document (RCW 3.62.060)
First Page
Each Additional Page

Electronic Duplication Fees
CD Duplication of Electronic Recording (per CD) (RCW 3.62.060)
Copying Document from Electronic Format without Seal (per page) (RCW 3.62.060)

Public Records Research & Preparation Fee (per hour after first hour) (GR 31.1)
Postage Actual Cost
Appeal Preparation and CD for Superior Court
NSF Returned Check Fee (Local Ordinance 3.48.020)
Vehicle Impound Appeal Hearing (RCW 46.55.120)
Compromise of Misdemeanor Fee
Deferred Prosecution Fee
Infraction Deferred Finding Fee
No Proof of Insurance Infraction Dismissal Administrative Fee (RCW 46.30.020)
DNA Collector Fee (conviction)
Warrant Fee (per case, per warrant)