Hearing Examiner

The hearing examiner's role, as defined by Gig Harbor Municipal Code Chapter 2.25, is to interpret, review and implement land use regulations as provided by ordinance and also perform other quasi-judicial functions as are delegated by ordinance. The hearing examiner has the authority to: 

  1. Receive and examine available information; 
  2. Conduct public hearings in accordance with GHMC Title 19, Chapter 42.32 RCW and all other applicable law, and to prepare a record thereof;  
  3. Administer oaths and affirmations; 
  4. Issue subpoenas and examine witnesses; provided, that no person shall be compelled to divulge information which he or she could not be compelled to divulge in a court of law; 
  5. Regulate the course of the hearing; 
  6. Make and enter written findings of fact and conclusions to support his or her decisions; 
  7. At the examiner’s discretion, hold conferences for the simplification of the issues; 
  8. Conduct discovery; 
  9. Dispose of procedural requests or similar matters; 
  10. Take official notice of matters of law or material facts; 
  11. Issue summary orders in supplementary proceedings; 
  12. Dismiss an appeal or take other appropriate action when the examiner determines that he/she has no jurisdiction, the appeal is completely without merit, or where a party or representative fails to appear at a hearing; and 
  13. Take any other action authorized by or necessary to carry out this chapter.

The city has contracted with Mark Scheibmeir and Scheibmeir, Kelly & Nelson, P.S., to provide hearing examiner services. Hearing examiner hearings are held on the first and third Thursdays of each month at 1:30 p.m. or at other times, as needed.


Hearing Examiner Recordings and Decisions

  1. Cindy Andrews

    Planning Technician