City of Gig Harbor Water Use Efficiency Goals

The City of Gig Harbor Water Utility will be hosting an in-person and virtual Zoom public forum on the proposed update to the Water Use Efficiency Goals as identified Section 2.8 of the Draft 2018 Water System Plan Update

Consumers and the public are provided an opportunity to participate and comment on these goals on Monday, April 24, 2023 at 5:30 p.m.

Zoom Meeting:

This meeting may be accessed through Zoom at 

or by calling (253) 215-8782 and entering Meeting ID 932 1605 6382.


The City's water efficiency goal is to decrease residential water consumption by 0.25% for each year for the next six years. Water use efficiency measures shall be consistent with, and strive to exceed, all local, State, and Federal laws and regulations.

Distribution Leakage Standard

The City will continue to maintain levels of water leakage for its distribution system at less than 10% on a three-year rolling average.

Reclaimed Water

The City has been very active in reusing treated wastewater at its Wastewater Treatment Plant site for over 20 years. The City completed a Phase 1 study, Water Reclamation and Reuse Site Evaluations and Study (HDR, 2012), to evaluate the feasibility of a reclaimed water program. A Phase 2 study is planned to be completed in 2024 to further evaluate reclaimed water opportunities.

Questions may be directed to: Jeff Langhelm, P.E., Public Works Director