Impact Fees and General Facilities Charges

In order to maintain adopted levels of park service, transportation facilities, and impacts on the school district, the City has adopted impact fees as a mechanism to charge and collect funds to ensure that all new development bears its proportionate share of the capital costs.

Chapter 19.12 of the Gig Harbor Municipal Code defines:

  • How impact fees are calculated
  • How to request credits from impact fees
  • Establishing the time for making a credit request
  • The manner in which credit will be given for unconstructed system improvements
  • The method for appeal of a requested credit towards an impact fee
  • The effect of a developer’s early payment of impact fees

The following annual Impact Fee Reports are available: 

In December 2018, the City approved an update to the Transportation Impact Fees (Ordinance 1401). These fees are based on the Transportation Impact Fee (TIF) Rate Study Update report and can be viewed here.

For a summary of all impact fees and general facilities charges (GFCs), please see the City’s utility services application below: 

Utilities Service Application, Impact Fees, and General Facilities Charges

Current Partial List of Impact Fees

Type of Fee
Fee Amount
Park Impact Fee - Single-Family Residential Units $1,500
School Impact Fee - Multi-Family Units $2,354 per unit
School Impact Fee - Residential $4,462
Transportation Impact Fee - Single-Family Residential Only $5,720
Transportation Impact Fee - Other $6,085 Per New PM Peak Hour Trip End - 
Refer to most current Edition ITE Manual (11th)

Storm Water General Facility Charge & Calculation

Impervious Area (sf)
Calculation 4,400 sf = 1 unit

General Facility Charge: $1770.00 per unit
*All detached single-family residences and mobile homes = 1 unit
Total Fees

Water Service General Facility Charge & Meter Installation Charges

Meter Size Capacity Factor(s) General Facility Charge
(Inside City Limits)
General Facility Charge
(Outside City Limits
Meter Charge Total Fees
3/4" 1.00 $7,300.00 $10,950.00 $486.00 $
1" 1.67 $12,191.00 $18,286.50 $567.00 $
1- 1/2" 3.33 $24.309.00 $36,463.50 $1,130.00 $
2" 5.33 $38,909.00 $58,363.50 $1,800.00 $
Over 2" (per AWWA formula) $ (per City formula) $ (per City formula) $ (TBD) $

Basic Sewer System General Facility Charge

General Facility Charge - Inside City Limits: $9,640.00 #ERU's* Total Fee
General Facility Charge - Outside City Limits: $14,460.00   $____________.00
Equivalent ERU Calculation