Temporary Signs On Public Right-Of-Way Or Private Property 

Temp Signs 2023

The City’s Sign Code governs permanent signs and temporary signs placed on public right-of-way or private property. There are regulations which govern the allowable sign area, the number of temporary signs allowed and the maximum duration a temporary sign may be displayed.​​

Sign Zones

​​Nonresidential Temporary Sign Zone - Means the area within and the public right of way immediately adjacent to the Public Institutional (PI), Downtown Business (DB), Neighborhood Commercial (B-1), General Business (B-2), Commercial (C-1), Residential and Business 1 and 2 (RB-1 and RB-2), Planned Community Development Commercial (PCD-C), Employment (ED), Waterfront Commercial (WC), Waterfront Millville (WM), Planned Community Business Park (PCD-BP), and the Planned Community Development Neighborhood Business (PCD-NB) zoning districts.

Residential Temporary Sign Zone - Means the area within and the public right-of-way immediately adjacent to the Single Family Residential (R-1), Planned Community Development Low Density Residential (RLD), Medium Density Residential (R-2), Planned Community Development Medium Density Residential (RMD), Multiple-Family Residential (R-3), and Waterfront Residential (WR) zoning districts.

​How do I apply for a Temporary Sign Permit that I want to place in the Public Right-of-Way?

You can apply online on the City’s Permit Portal. Your permit is free, issued immediately and good for 30 days. A portion of your permit is to be cut off and taped to your signs to show proof of permit. Please see Permit Portal Instructions

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Permit Portal Instructions - Very helpful for applying online!

Temporary Sign Placement on Public Right-of-Way

Signs are allowed to be placed:
  • Specific areas within certain intersections inside City Limits that allow signs placed in the right-of-way. These locations can be found on the Planning Directors Official Map for Temporary Signs on Public Right-of-Way
  • In these specific intersections signs must be within 100 feet of approved city intersections.
Sign are not allowed to be placed:
  • Within roundabouts, medians, shoulders, travel lanes and areas of public right-of-way that are accessible by a sidewalk or pedestrian walking path
  • Where it obstructs or impairs access to a public sidewalk, public or private street or driveway, traffic control sign, bus stop, fire hydrant, bench, or any type of street furniture, or otherwise create a hazard, including a tripping hazard.
  • Do not block access to structures, parked cars, block vehicular sight distance views at corners, intersections, or block pedestrian walking paths. No temporary signs shall mimic or be attached to official roadway signage. (stop signs, yield, etc...)

WARNING: Signs installed without a permit are subject to civil penalty charges.​